Day 41 #100happydays: Paper aeroplane

July 3rd, 2016, 8pm

Today should have been the day that I met a fellow hi-momenter but alas the trains thwarted our plans, so Christine, we will have to make it third time lucky on your next trip!

To counter the disappointment of the day, I spent it being creative, working on my woodcut and rearranging the plants on my balcony to make the most of any rainfall in the coming weeks (I’m going off on a work trip soon and am worried for my plants. My brother and Mum have promised they will water them but the plants have been spoilt with me watering them every day. So sorry, I’m hoping for some rain while I’m away!)

And tonight, whilst watering the plants, I found this paper aeroplane in with the squash and beetroot.

Adrian, Shu and David Wade said thanks.

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So-Shan Au

Londoner, bit of writing, takes photos, book geek, works in publishing, loves maps, typography, papercuts, architecture, trees, art, design, photography, gardening... @soshanau

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