I went on an art walk! It was actually a little disappointing but the map was fun kind of.

May 31st, 2014, 5pm

The artworks are sponsored by the art in public places program which gets a percent of public building construction money for art or something. Anyway the back of the map has a list of questions you can ask yourself to help make looking at art more enjoyable and there were two that hovered in my head while I wandered around—what does the artwork tell us about the place? Does it transform the space? Well. Some of the artworks try really hard to avoid being noticed. They completely blend in and without the map I wouldn’t’ve known where to look. And I can’t be the only one. I wish I could say that the hideinplainsight attitude that the artworks possess was intentional but Hawai‘i doesn’t have a sense of humor about these things. It’s more likely that their sense of invisibility grew out of the loneliness of being forgotten.

Christine, Shu and Chris said thanks.

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Matt G.

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