Wherever This May Lead

August 31st, 2016, 6pm

It was 20.6°C. The breeze was brisk.

In this final story, I would like to take this opportunity to say everything I have to say at this moment. I have never been the optimistic type, despite how I choose to present myself. My time here has been short, and somehow, I have written only about optimism. The small amount of stories I have written have greatly affected me, for I taught myself to be more optimistic about the future. I wish there was more time for growth, but I am thankful for my time here regardless. The path has come to a end. I have walked along this path for some time. I smelled the pungent flowers along the way, and I admired the beautiful view. The walk has been a good one, and I do not regret taking this path despite the end that I have met. There are only positive things in the future, after this path has ended. All that is left to do now is take the plunge, grinning as I fly toward the unknown waters.

David Wade said thanks.

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Alyssa Tran

I am a neurotic person who wants to learn languages and explore the world.

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