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Ten Thousand Years

by David Wade Chambers

Moab — Ten thousand years ago, give or take a millennium, Native Americans were recording data on rock which you can still access in the American Southwest. Not as handy perhaps as the Library of Congress or the British Museum where Hi.co will be stored away, but it’s still there for all to see. It is entirely possible that ten thousand years from now, in an unimaginable future, the mountain goat inscr...

#100HappyDays, #Hi.CO, Goodbye

Day 99 #100happydays: Over 21,000 words in 246 moments in 28 cities

by So-Shan Au

Surbiton — The last two days of my #100happydays project and the last two days of hi.co, where I’ve managed to write over 21,000 words, and once the project has finished, 246 moments, in 28 cities. That’s a lot ...

Goodbye, #Hi.CO, Change

This is the End of Nothing.

by Andrew Noyes

Los angeles — I was taken by surprise that this was shutting down after navigating to the page for the first time in Too Long. I remember contributing a small amount to Hitotoki on twitter, and loving the idea but ...

Optimism, #Hi.CO, Happiness

Me, a Crab

by Alyssa Tran

Montara — I always find myself back at the beach. Recently, it being my birthday, I decided to go to a beach I had never been to before. The idea of spending the day by the ocean appealed much more to me than s...

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