The ephemerality of the internet can be really disappointing some times:

April 1st, 2014, 1pm

It was 15°C with few clouds. The wind blew strong.

Acknowledging the fact that referential humor is generally hacky and as phoning-it-in as you can get, I love callbacks and in-jokes. I’m sure a good 20% of what comes out of my mouth are obscure references to random events in my life, most of which are totally unknown to the person with whom I’m speaking.

This is generally fine, and in fact makes it all the more enjoyable to me, but there are the rare moments that I want to share the source of what’s being referenced to make some sense of my idiot behavior.

A while ago (well, November 9th, 2012 according to the link) I saw a youtube video of a little boy singing the Chili’s baby back ribs song and in the background his brother tells him to “use you duck voice!” and the last two words of the jingle, “barbecue sauce” come out in this hilarious, throaty, cartoon-duck-being-smothered-to-death voice. Ever since, whenever an opportunity presents itself for me to say those words, I say them in this stupid voice. When the puzzled and concerned looks dart toward me I try to explain what in the hell just happened.

This just happened to me over the weekend and I have spent the past 3 days scouring the internet trying to find the original video. I thought I finally located it today by discovering the blog post from where I first saw it, but the video no longer exists on YouTube, :/

So it appears I’ll have to go through life, saying “barbecue sauce” like a moron, never being able to shed light on my idiocy.

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