Conversing with hippies

January 20th, 2014, 9am

It was -4.4°C.

Got invited to a friend’s small dinner party. I asked what to bring. “Dessert, Dee’s a diet freak….not sure maybe a gelato?”

Ha! A diet freak, eh?! Well, gelato won’t cut it. It’d have to be something different, nothing processed or pre-packaged, all homemade from scratch.

Hmm…I had less than an hour to whip something up to test the level of this person’s “freakiness”.

I opened the fridge, Ricemilk would work. Opened the cabinet, found a jar of chia seed. Perfect!

“Could you explain what’s in the dish?” my friend asked.

“There’s chia seed, organic ricemilk, coconut sugar, lavender honey, organic strawberries from Whole Foods, and two drops of cinnamon oil.”

And so began our hippie conversation.

Anne Marie, Cassie and David Wade said thanks.

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Vivien Leung

sociable introvert or shy extrovert. Twitter: @_vivienleung_ Instagram: _vivienleung_

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