Family Away From Home

February 9th, 2014, 10pm

It was 10°C with broken clouds.

I was at black tie event a few weeks ago with the “Sai Kung Crew” to support a friend of ours who was hosting a Tennis Ball at the Hong Kong Football Club. Everyone was dressed their best in tuxedos, long evening gowns. I was just in dress pants, shirt and tie, as I didn’t have a suit that could fit. The Ball had fee flowing Champagne. I was standing with a friend who just looked with a smile and said one word: Family.

Sai Kung is a small village in Hong Kong surrounded by mountains, the ocean and is home to a lot of Expats. If you were to check my Facebook or Flickr, most of my pictures are from around Sai Kung area even though I don’t live there. It is home to my Hong Kong family and it is the biggest reason why leaving here would be one of the hardest things ever. I would say there are maybe 30 plus people in all. We hang out and have BBQ’s together, celebrate birthday’s together, hike and travel together, support each other if it is a break up or a loss of jobs. It is a family and it is an incredible one.

This past weekend I was reminded of how much of a family this has become. We gathered together for the annual pot-luck American Thanksgiving feast. I hadn’t gone before since I always had something to do either work related or I wasn’t feeling well. This year I went and it was a special time. Someone cooked a juicy turkey with all the fixings. I brought some freshly cut vegetables along with some cranberry juice. A friend brought a dried corn stew. There was stuffing, pumpkin pies and everything else that comes along with Thanksgiving. The meal was delicious but it was the people which made the whole experience better.

The conversations and drinking lasted through the night. I am so thankful to be part of this family.

Yiling and Christine said thanks.

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