The Eating Adventure: Bangkok Edition - Jellyfish!

July 28th, 2011, 12am

Jellyfish is great once it is dead. It is still pretty great when alive, as along as it is not swimming next to me. Stuck on the beach being poked by a long stick I had – great. Cut into pieces soaking up sesame oil and chili – also great. It might be some of the best things humans have learned to cook and eat.

You can find jellyfish salad mostly in fancy Chinese restaurants in Thailand, but some Thai restaurants will have it to. Not sure what kind of jellyfish it is, but it is cut up into stripes, then marinated in sesame oil, chili, and shoyu (a kind of sour sauce). Sesame seeds can be mixed in, but do not have to be. It is soft and crunchy, spicy and sour, nutty and fragrant.

Crunch crunch mmm.

The Eating Adventure is an attempt to explore our wonderful world, one dish at a time.

David Wade and Christine said thanks.

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June Howell

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