Story 001 [The Wind] [Finished 20160214]

January 29th, 2016, 12am

The wind slashes through the steel window, and dashed into every cell in my body. It’s quite unusual to get a 6 degrees Celsius in Hong Kong nowadays, with tiny ice cubes falling from the skies and icy wind slapping you in every direction.

Dismissed from school I walked down the ragged path next to the school building. It is a narrow flight of stairs linking my school to the nearest road. Facing the city in the middle of the mountain the path suffered from overcooled wind blown from the harbour. I walked down the steps under my silver umbrella, trying to avoid the occasional pools of rainwater and melting ice cubes. My body bent and hidden under the thick down-jacket, I crippled down the path to the bus stop.

Then I noticed her. She belonged to the small portion of girls who were still wearing dresses as uniform. (Normally girls are allowed pants when the temperature is below 12 degrees Celsius) She bent her body just like me, and hid her hands inside the pocket of her indigo coat. Mist was coming out of her mouth, and she was holding a lilac umbrella with stripes.Having not flirted with a girl before I approached her. “Hi,” I said, and she replied with a dispirited hi. I asked if she was cold, she said she was, and she told me she didn’t wear silk stockings. I was surprised and inevitably exclaimed in my mind. We boarded the bus, and that was how it started.

We became friends, then best friends, then some sort of relationship that I couldn’t really describe. We went to school together, we ate together, and everything seemed to be fine. The fondling summer breeze was sounding in my mind. The wind was blowing like never before, messing my hair and my heart.

Another cold day, this time less freezing, fearless to the monstrous I went to school. Upon arriving in the bus stop a gust of ambitious violent wind struck my face, forced open my dark blue leather coat. Continuing to walk I noted her from the corner of the street. With a young man of similar age she stood, holding the usual Rilakumma phone and carrying a lilac bag. The boy gave her that sort of flirtatious asinine look which urged me to vomit. Well surprisingly she replied with more or less the same look, which she had never shown to me before. I frowned, and walked away in silence, trying to conceal my discontent under my face.

Didn’t see her during school time, and went straight home after the lessons. I sat on my sycamore chair next to my desk, staring blankly at the windows. The outside world seemed so colourful and pleasing, yet my room with a theme of black and white changed from futuristic to boring and depressing. I called her. Not hearing her voice I started to get frustrated, and the still strong and muscular wind slid through the gaps of the window, creating some unwanted noise. She called back, I asked her what happened today. She said nothing, and that was officially the end of the short sparks of love appeared in my life.

14 February 2016, the Observatory announced another cold front would arrive the city tonight, with temperature dropping to 12 degrees Celsius. The wind was still blowing, sometimes vigorous and sometimes with the taste of summer breeze. I sat on the balcony, allowing the wind to freely hit my face.

Short but significant, memorable yet heartbreaking.

Ridhee said thanks.

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Geof So

A 14-year-old from Hong Kong, currently studying under the competitive educational system here and searching for places to share my thoughts, read others' thoughts and practise my English writing skills.

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