This is Rouge Park. I love Rouge Park, and Rouge Park has loved me back.

September 28th, 2013, 9am

I spent years hiking the trails in Rouge Park, before I decided to make my life here. Make a life. What I am doing here, out in these woods, was not in my “life plan”. I am starting fresh, and I am no kid. So, in a way, this is something of an experiment. This social entrepreneurship, this following of my bliss, this living of my passion. The signs were all about me, that the old plan wasn’t working. The evidence of the undiscovered country where my mind and heart could meet was in the things I read, was abundant in the places I went, was present in what I thought. I made a choice. I stepped out onto the trails, now following a creek, just as I did as a boy. Just to see where it would go. Fear, joy, angst, exhilaration, frustration and peace all along for the journey.

Can you really do what you want in this life? (And survive??) Can this man remake his life? Good questions. Questions that tease me in quiet moments. Perhaps you are there too. I’m just trying to listen to my life. Only time will tell if I can understand what it is trying to say.

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Mark Yearwood

Can a man remake his life? In the woods, no less? I am trying.

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