One day you'll ask why I took so many pictures of you. I'll say because you grew up too fast.

March 7th, 2014, 8am

My baby nephews turned three and one. My parents, my girlfriend, and I disagree over who loves these two little godsends more, but we all seem to agree that their cuteness and our total indulgence of it have an expiration date. A few more years and they’ll know too many words, move with too much precision and coordination, and care too much about being far from family. This is a time that will expose our selfishness that we wish for them to not grow up so fast (or at all).

I don’t anticipate that we’ll love them any less, and actually, the opposite will be true. But these days, as expressed to me by so many parents of teenagers, sound like they really are best.

So, my little darlings, get used to your uncle’s camera!

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