11./ to 13./ The land of temptations, liberties, and contradictions

October 1st, 2015, 5am

My first experience with the country occurred with my train arrival at 11.30pm. The station was seedy and surprisingly I discovered that the metro was located outside of the train station. Despite hearing amazing things about Amsterdam I felt unsafe and the seedy eyes of the shadows. I suppose after 11pm only the strange and seedy stay out late, irrespective of the city…..

Netherlands was both an interesting place but also a place of disappointment. Beyond the slanting-almost-collapsing tall slender buildings, circular canals, “coffeeshops” and beautiful women standing in windows, I was somewhat disappointed that the city had nothing else top pique my interest. The history was rich but not exciting. The transportation was good but not great. The language was different but gutteral.

The biggest takeaway was the 3 tenants to determine if something was worth punishing

1/ Does it hurt anyone? 2/ Is it done discreetly? 3/ Is it good for business?

These 3 tenants are what allow “coffeeshops” to exist and for police to turn a blind eye to them, as well as religious freedoms and sexual liberties.

Land of the Grey I say!

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Michael Ngo

Late bloomer who suddenly got the itch to travel more.

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