The closest you can get from a dream

August 24th, 2015, 8am

Since I can remember, car trips were always a limbo kind of space for me, mostly because I have the unfathomable ability of falling asleep in a matter of minutes. Soon after the car started moving, I had my head tilted back, my eyes closed, and was off to Snoozeland. Soon enough, I realised it wasn’t just on cars, but on every means of transportation. If I do have a superpower, this is it. However, only recently have I noticed how much I love these moments. I found myself loving every long trip I did, mainly because I would have the chance of getting into this again. I would be falling asleep into a totally different kind of sleep you get on a bed or a sofa. This one is not as deep; it’s a lighter snooze, like a constant dream-like reality. You get ocasional glimpses of the landscape outside your window, or sounds around you, but you perceived them only briefly, before you’re fall asleep again. 1 hour turns into 5 minutes, and 5 minutes on this state easily translate into 3 or 4 hours of reality. Time stretches and compresses, it blends with the random dreams you might be having and all the sensory data you’re getting. And if you’re lucky enough to also be listening to some good, dreamy music, oh my, what a bliss… This is clearly not the most restorative sleep you can get, but it surely is one of the most enjoyable.

Ellen, Claudia, Craig and David Wade said thanks.

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Gonçalo Morais

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