Deactivating Facebook

October 25th, 2015, 5pm

I deactivated facebook a few days ago. I remember having so much time on my hands, and feeling a little disoriented by all that time and happy at the same time. I could use that time for studies!! But, I also missed it. I had nothing to scroll through and Instagram was too outdated. I also have my Hi account and my electronic planner connected to facebook. Moreover, I couldn’t contact a few people I had to without facebook. So, I decided to reactivate.

Ugh, what a mistake reactivating facebook has been! I should stop coupling my accounts with facebook, and keep that deactivated. I am appalled at the amount of time I waste now , just one day after reactivating it, and imagining how much work I could have completed in that time. But, then, deactivating would lead to no access to a lot of my accounts, which I cannot afford. And, I am not a person who wouldn’t check facebook if it isn’t deactivated.

Well, the crux of the matter is facebook is a waste of time. I didn’t believe it until I deactivated it recently. My dad was right, after all. But, again, so is every other activity not related to studying and the board. Like writing this sketch. My bad. Gotta get back to study. Gotta get sucked into the depths of Tartarus again.

Sam, Hedaya and Craig said thanks.

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Ridhee Gupta

Teenager, love life, astronomy freak, passionate about theatre, love writing about everything, unconventional.

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