Goodbye, Hi.

July 6th, 2016, 7pm

I really should be doing my homework, but in between the emails and sheets of paper I realised that Hi is closing real soon. I realised that It’ll v a n i s h after tomorrow.

I realised that I still had a lot more to say here; to share; to be; to write; to say goodbye to Hi.

In my heart, I wish I could’ve written a lot more. But something stops me every time. I don’t really know what it is. Maybe it’s that I now juggle between work, college, and prepping for an art festival. Maybe it’s that I just didn’t have the courage to finish up everything that I’ve started, but I know for sure that I love this platform and it’s one that I’ll miss dearly.

And yes, I love reading other peoples little moments. The ones that may seem insignificant elsewhere, but in this community, everything becomes so much bigger; so much more meaningful. Everyone’s got passion, and here, we just spill it on the page. I’ll miss that. I’ll miss this tight-knit hipster thing that’s been going on and that little app thingy I have on my phone that reminds me to sketch a moment whenever one pops up in my head.

And now the tears are slowly trickling down but I’ve got to remember that everything evolves. Sometimes things dissolve. Other times we move on to greater things.

I hope we all do (move on to greater things, I mean).1

But Hi, oh Hi, how I’ll miss the letters that I type on here.

But Hi, oh Hi, I wish i could’ve written every song I had in my heart to you.

But Hi, oh Hi, I guess it’s time I say


  1. ”Those greater things. Well, I suppose I am starting to do a couple of artsy things. & if you’d like to follow my failures and acomplishments and journies; well then just head on over to my artsy instagram or just my regular instagram. And do me a favor, if you’re doing something interesting too, send me a message, I’d love to follow up with your journey too!” 

ankel said thanks.

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