Day 50 #100happydays: Halfway point

July 12th, 2016, 9am

It’s the halfway point for my 100 happy days project so the perfect opportunity to reflect on it. I’m enjoying taking a picture a day. It makes me mindful and present of my environment and surroundings.

I’m overly critical of my writing though, and spend far too long procrastinating over my choice of words, and whether things are too personal, or boring (!) to you dear reader, who have stuck with me (thanks for your supportive words and comments - it definitely lifts me!) Doing this project forces me to write every day, even if I feel I have nothing to say, or even if I don’t feel like it. And I’ve been to enough author talks and read enough tips and hints about writing, to know that to be a good writer, you need to just write; write every day; and just keep writing. So I’m just going to keep writing … Thanks for sticking with me!

(And the photo: working at home today so treated myself to breakfast on my balcony garden, even though it wasn’t sunny or particularly warm, but a treat nonetheless.)

David Wade, Adrian and Adele said thanks.

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So-Shan Au

Londoner, bit of writing, takes photos, book geek, works in publishing, loves maps, typography, papercuts, architecture, trees, art, design, photography, gardening... @soshanau

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