Growing up takes Courage

August 1st, 2015, 5pm

It doesn’t take time for anything to change, when it is the time. When finally the summer ended and it was time to take a flight back to the University and before I knew it I was settling in my new room. When finally I went to get together with friends and I met someone whom I didn’t expect to instantly like and before I knew it we were messaging endlessly.

When finally, we decided that we 5 girls need to take a road trip and I was the only one who knew how to drive, before I knew it we had rented the car and were on the road for a total journey of about 300 kilometers. I had driven in the city on rushed roads, pedestrians flooded ways and narrow roads, never could I imagine that one day, I’ll be on a road trip, driving on a highway, through tunnels and via hills. The night before the trip, I was dreaming worst of things that could happen over the trip. I had agreed to drive a distance more than the cumulative of what I had driven before and that too on the hills. I’m thankful for such support system of friends who lookout for me and were super encouraging, they said, if at any moment I felt uncomfortable and not so confident, I could just take a U-turn. But guess what! I made it. To the hill top, via the highway, swooshing the car all the way. It was the most beautiful drive I have been on yet and not only because it was filled with valleys (and I saw my first rainbow), rain, clouds, lakes, monsoonal weather, but more than anything else, from somewhere, I had also grown up.

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Arushi Chopra

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