I live in a beautiful little corner on the blue planet.

January 3rd, 2014, 12pm

A planet that spins and rotates on her axis, regardless of my teeth-shattering protests during the winter months. She doesn’t give a shit about the $340 traffic ticket I received this morning, or the fact that I was late opening the gallery. She just keeps spinning, creating days which turn to years which turn to millennium. She’ll spin until our galaxy collides with another. My little worries and frustrations are so microscopic. So much energy wasted on such trivial things. I’m only but a very tiny part of this blue planet and for a very short period of time. I think I’ll go plant a tree.

Jared said thanks.

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Jen Chapman

I'm a wild, weird, introverted bird constantly in search of flow. Photographer, writer, art model, bear hugger (quite literally), reader, mother, spouse, hider, and seeker. Jen Lee Light Design www.jenlee.co

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