Three avocado plants look happy - grown from pits

July 31st, 2013, 2pm

It was 31.7°C with few clouds. The wind was calm.

Moving to Florida has allowed me to garden again. The warm climate, sunny days and lots of rain seem optimal for growing stuff.

When we moved here we were eating a lot of avocados, so I wanted to try to try to sprout a tree from the pits.

It turned out easier than I thought - you mostly just need to be patient.

Instructions: place pit in a glass of water suspended with toothpicks and let it get sunlight. The pit will sprout roots into the water. The roots will grow quite a bit, then a sapling will grow up from the pit ball. Eventually you’ll want to move the pit to a container with soil.

These plants in the photo are about eight months old. Avocados with bigger pits seem to work better than the Hava variety.

Growing stuff in our small yard has been one of the nicest things about moving here. Central Florida doesn’t offer much, but day-to-day living here can be nice.

Paul said thanks.

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