Student Boycotts

September 23rd, 2014, 6pm

I’m always trying to see the beauty when surrounded by chaos. This week I’ve been going to the Student Boycotts in Tamar Park to cover it for my journalism course and also for my personal curiosity.

Covering the story seems bleak as Beijing continues to say they will not revisit their plan for ‘dictator democracy’ where two people are chosen and the people vote on which is better of the two. Unlike most countries where anyone can run for leader as long as they have the backing.

The beauty I have found is in the people, mostly students who are committed and vocal in their support. All this week, many have gone to the park to listen to lectures and talks about democracy and freedom. There have been seminar afterwards where debates are held as everyone’s views on democracy and freedom are different. It has been beautiful to see.

I have also found this beauty in average Hong Kongers who support the students but are afraid to say out of a fear that nothing will change. The ones I’ve talk to are angry with Beijing at its decision but are not in support of mass demonstrations which may hurt the economy. The final fear comes more from the pocketbook than anywhere else.

As for me, I’m loving the conversations I’m hearing. I’m enjoying talking to the students, professors, business leaders and the average Hong Konger. Tonight the secondary students will join and I’m looking forward to talking with them.

Shu and Steve said thanks.

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