Back from 4 weeks of seeking discomfort.

February 26th, 2014, 2pm

In 2012, we explored SF, Barcelona, and Berlin. In 2013, we travelled to HK, Singapore, and Jakarta. This time, Paris was the destination of a few weeks of research into business opportunities for AQ. We sought these precious moments of slight discomfort happening when you meet someone for the first time, exchange around each other’s work, values, goals and dreams. Soon enough you realise that there might be a great collaboration at arm’s length and the discomfort turns into a shot of endorphins.

Stefan Sagmeister’s piece from his Happy Show at La Gaîté Lyrique was with me each day.

Chris, Christine, Amal, abn and 11 others said thanks.

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Paul Baron

Apps, Culture, Cakes, CrossFit, Trail, Space. Partner at digital agency @AQworks & non-profit @TokyoArtBeat_en. Twitter: @aka_me

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