Fonts that sound like barbed wire

December 25th, 2015, 1pm

“I can’t relax in Germany”, some say. Now living in the very country, being a German, I sure think this is an overgeneralization. In many cases failing to relax has every bit as much to do with oneself as with one’s surroundings. But sometimes my home country makes me think about the problems of relaxing in enemy territory. Look at that sign. Stationed in a very small natural reserve, it’s nothing but a reminder to not disturb the place by stealing plants, the peat to be found there, or by damaging the natural reserve’s own installations. But some reminder it is. The wording and the font used – yes, they do make me feel being yelled at by somebody capable of murder. Though silent, the whole sign sounds like barbed wire.

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Marcus Hammerschmitt

Writer, journalist and photographer. Eighteen books so far, on paper and on screen. My biography is boring, my life is not.

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