When you are in the perfection of the moment nothing has to make sense nothing really matters.

February 10th, 2014, 11pm

We were in this moment, nothing really made sense and nothing really mattered. We loved ourselves unconditionally, accepted ourselves unconditionally. We had no worries about yesterday or tomorrow. All it matters is the joy that is overfilling our hearts . -10 degrees outside but oh it was so warm inside. Its not due to the heat because no heat was on it was due to the ever flowing river of energy and our bodies bubbling with life, love and whats divine. We weren’t asking for more because what was at that very moment was so much more than enough. It fed the hungriest entity of all, the soul. It was a winter Detroit night. The cold was unbearable and that was typical thing of Detroit to deliver but it wasn’t a typical night because we were so warm… Right on one of the coldest rivers but we couldn’t feel it, its like were numb. We were so warm, bubbly and happy and oh we acted so dumb. The car was fogging up from the heat of our laughter Sipping on the booze of love all the way on the other end of disaster Nothing could taste sweeter not even the grapes from the best regions of France. It was here in Detroit that we took that perfect stance.
For happiness, for love, for enlightenment and for whats more. More than just the cover , higher we vouched to soar. Deeper to the inside, to what you can decipher from words untold. We were in this moment battling whats cold. Let me tell you about a secret place where in the middle of the winter, summer is sold

Akira, Ricardo, Christine and David Wade said thanks.

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Nadia Bakkour

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