The ages coming together

September 26th, 2013, 6pm

This is easily one of my favorite spots in the city. Aside from being beautiful and open in the middle of the most downtown part of the city, it’s gotta be the most architecturally interesting block around. The classical Christian Science Church, its own ultra-sleek echo in the 111 Huntington Ave Building, and that brutal bloc tower whose name and purpose escape me. And that’s just the beginning of the awe from where I’m standing.

I don’t know much about architecture, but man, is it artistically intriguing. It can be so monolithic, so huge, and last so long. It can be destroyed at any time to make room for the next architect’s chef-d’œuvre. Or an Applebee’s. And how in-your-face can art get, if not the very place you’re waking around and within? But, because of that, it becomes totally commonplace, completely overlooked.

And then the tall glass building next door goes up, and this once centerpiece of a plaza becomes the back alley of a mall.

Adrian, Karmon and Chris said thanks.

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Joe Mahon

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