"Marathon, ganbatte ne", he said.

April 24th, 2013, 10am

I was leaving on a trip to run a marathon on the West coast, my first marathon, and my son was wishing me good luck on his pre-school’s doorstep. Nothing abnormal in appearance but I was in shock as he would usually only say these things after we reminded him to. Here, him and I were parting for a few weeks and no cue had been given.

I had just witnessed my son’s first own-willed expression of love and care. It left me speechless, teary eyed and looking forward to my race.

Abraham, So-Shan, Johnny, Samuel and 13 others said thanks.

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Paul Baron

Apps, Culture, Cakes, CrossFit, Trail, Space. Partner at digital agency @AQworks & non-profit @TokyoArtBeat_en. Twitter: @aka_me

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