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Readmill talk, with accidental publish

by Craig Mod

Berlin — Hello Dear Subscribers (DS). You may have received a Lorem Ipsum message from me earlier. Apologies. Apologies. This is what happens, DS, when you are demoing a product and forget that things are live and have consequences and maybe you shouldn’t hit publish on that random moment you drafted to show off the interface. So perhaps I owe you some context? It’s raining. We’re in Berlin. It’s chilly...

Prose, Night walks

It's one of those nights.

by Kati Krause

Berlin — One of those nights when you pass a car parked on a bridge and a couple sits inside, kissing. On any other day you might call them old, but tonight no-one is, because it’s one of those nights. One of...

Philosophy, Thoughts, farewell

Everlasting Constants

by Ricardo Magalhães

Berlin — This is, unfortunately, likely to be the last post I’ll be writing, since I believe it’s soon to be shut down for submissions. But sad as this may appear at first, there is always a romantic vie...

work, Dance, photography

The fact of having a body

by Marcus Hammerschmitt

Tübingen — When I saw the stage, my heart sank. It was all black, and observing the dancers go through their warm ups in rather dark, casual attire convinced me light and contrast would be scarce commodities tha...

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