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At the edge and the top of the world.

by Dan Rubin

Clare — There’s something special about places where land meets the sea — I suppose the same must be true about that place right on the edge of Earth’s atmosphere, though until Richard Branson invites me on a Virgin Galactic flight I’ll just have to assume this is the case. Sometimes, this meeting place is gentle: Grains of sand bridging the gap between firm footing and water, waves rolling in with the c...

Ireland, childhood, Prose

Today, I taught my child to say "ephemeral".

by Evan Payne

Kerry — I remember when I first learned that marvellous, heartbreaking word. It was while reading Le Petit Prince, and the word was “éphémère”. Our teacher helped us grasp the meaning by comparing it to a s...

Prose, Ireland, Autumn

Last autumn, I saw you from the woods.

by Evan Payne

Kerry — It wasn’t cold, I can remember no scarf, and my hands weren’t shaking as I took the photograph. The trees were all around changing colours, and their mood infected my own as I watched your windows fo...

Clear skies & chimneys in the Liberties.

by Brian Flanagan

Dublin 8 — Dublin’s sunny spell is officially a drought. My plants, whom I have kept alive on our small rooftop through years of cold wet dark, are now dying in the hot dry sun. I fill the heavy, leaky green pla...

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