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Bath time.

by Cassie Marketos

Semporna — Me & E. It took three days for us to know each other’s secrets, but not yet the secret idiosyncrasies that are unconscious and observable. There weren’t a lot of places to go, but we managed, splitting our errands across hot afternoons, and showering at 2 PM sharp, when it was hottest, by crawling over the ledge of the neighboring ship and dipping amputated plastic jugs into the well full of ...

Mabul Island.

by Cassie Marketos

Semporna — Mabul is the place to be; yellow room, on stilts, hovering over blue water with a view of the sky and the sound of boats. Out the mouth of the bungalow, there is a fishing village full of Bajau waitin...


by Cassie Marketos

Semporna — Arrived in Tawau, debit-card less and loaded with baht. No change desk. Begged a ride off of friendly bus drivers out front, drove to Semporna, on the Malaysian side of Borneo. One hour, increasing ...


JoJo took us to Bangau Bangau.

by Cassie Marketos

Semporna — I’m turning into a real Picasso with the oatmeal; boiling down hunks of apple and ginger to mix, with a little cinnamon, into the oats. Some lemon to go with tea because we both have colds and the Fis...

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