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night, sky, mountains

Standing beneath the night sky

by Jonathon Reed

Icogne — Bundled up in my winter gear, with my hand on the camera shutter and my gaze fixed on the heavens, I forgot the triumph and exhaustion of the trip. The challenges of meltwater and snowy cliffs disinte...

hiking, nature, cliffs

Listening to meltwater waterfalls and chamois skirt the cliff below me

by Jonathon Reed

Lens — The trail followed the contours of the cliff, winding back and forth above deep gullies. Rock and ice competed for dominance where fir trees and bracken struggled to place roots. I had to admire the a...

mountains, hiking, nature

Trailblazing through the snow as mountains towered in the distance

by Jonathon Reed

Ayent — I discovered that the real problem of springtime hiking in the mountains is that the north side of each ridge is still covered in snow. With the trail hidden several feet below me, I trekked east, fol...

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