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Blind Men and an Elephant

by David Wade Chambers

Lorne — On today’s walk I followed the Sculpture Trail of the Lorne Biennale, approximately 3 K along this classic foreshore, stretching from the pier to the swinging bridge. The piece under examination in this photo is called the end, the beginning. I rather imagine the title is a side-glance reference to the ancient legend of the blind monks and an elephant. As I see it, the artist has challenged the...

nature, gardens


by David Wade Chambers

Lorne — I don’t really have a lot to say about this. After all, it’s pretty easy to point to the weeds in this picture. “Weed” is not, of course, botanical terminology. Rather, it is a gardening term. A ...

climate change, summer, waterfalls

End of Summer?

by David Wade Chambers

Lorne — Summer officially ends in Australia on 28 February, not on the equinox. It is at once our most loved season (beaches, barbecues) and most feared (bushfires, snakes). And, since the world has deci...

nature, Trees, indigenous


by David Wade Chambers

Lorne — These three trees are all species of Eucalyptus, closely related but very different. They all stand within one circle that is perhaps six to eight meters in diameter. Their huge root systems are tot...

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