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I am here now, might as well make some music.

by Bright Chen

Sydney — Temporality defines preciousness. What can be lost are always what we cherish the most. It’s because of this, that I find it difficult deleting photos from my collections: no matter how flawed they may be, photos are fragments of flawed ‘things’ that I created. Street performers may drift along with the wind, or they may establish themselves with their own piece of land, but the best street perfo...

When you don't want to turn into the annoying nagger

by Zack Federline

Sydney — Last year I moved from the UK all the way to Sydney. Reasons? I can dot down just a few. I was fed up with the stress in London and the miserable weather. I just split up with my girlfriend and as we ...

The pitfalls of reverse psychology or how my husband turned our garden into a war zone

by Lana Fleetwood

Sydney — I decided to share this personal story, because it may give food for thought to others, who share their lives with stubborn, argumentative, but totally adorable folk. Yes, if you recognize the above p...

Travel, Australia, Sydney

Finally made it into Sydney. It's been 3 months since I arrived Down Under, and now I've made my first trip outside of Victoria.

by Stephanie Liu

Sydney — Granted it’s not a vacation, actually here for a conference, but still really excited to see this city. Arrived at our hotel around 10pm and I couldn’t resist ordering room service on the company’s di...

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