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Inside the city

by Etaoin Shrdluc

Rio — From the atlantic forest, the sounds only penetrate the night, ricoching from mountains between towers, suspended and still in the air. Beneath the darkness, a Pão de Açúcar, that even the endless sky spreading from the rooftops to the invisible sea can not subtract from memories. Brightening lights of flats, colors of the buildings, the strip of the favela nearby climbs in between the towers, ...

writing, Author, literature

The day i met Eduardo Galeano

by Caio Renan

Rio — From a certain age, I acquired the habit of reading. Read a lot . The enormous amount of time on buses at Rio de Janeiro gave me plenty of time to exercise this habit. So, as anyone who knows his work...

City views, Traveling, photography

My first time in Rio de Janeiro

by Eduardo Kolberg

Rio — It´s funny the way that sometimes we are close to something, but at the same far away from it. I live in a town that is just one hour and a half flight away from Rio, and it took me a lot of years to...

photography, Landscape

A sunday afternoon in Rio de Janeiro.

by Raphael Dias

Rio — Sometimes you need to visit other countries before starting to truly admire yours. Or at least that is how it went with me. Nowadays I usually go out with my girlfriend to what we call a “tourist day”...

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