Stories in Nanaimo

The edge of the world, apparently.

by patrick foster

Nanaimo — Fog. Days and days of inversion-layer-driven fog socked in Vancouver and the island all week. From my vantage point at Vancouver Island University, it looks like everything simply fades to nothing.

The end of the commute.

by patrick foster

Nanaimo — There are days when going to work is just going to work. And then there are days when I remember to stop, and breathe, and look around, and be grateful that I’m sitting on a ferry the size of a small ...

It's pretty, but I'm at a training seminar. So, kind of a wash.

by patrick foster

Nanaimo — The view from the fifth floor conference room of the Vancouver Island University library has an extraordinary view of the islands between here and the Strait of Georgia. The weather today was terrific...

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