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The Forbidden City At Blue Hour

by Greg Annandale

Beijing — Having explored Beijing’s hutongs until late (or rather early) the night before, we arose from a rather measily 1.5 hours of sleep to walk over to the Forbidden City in time for sunrise. Fortunately we were situated only 15 mins away (in the fantastic ‘Kelly’s Courtyard‘). Unfortunately it wasn’t the most spectacular of sunrises, however the brief period of ‘blue hour’ was wonderful. We spent a c...

This old man and his yo-yo.

by Abid O

Beijing — I was cycling East along the Tongzi Canal, making my way towards the Wenyu River and the northern-most tip of the 2000 year-old Grand Canal. 2 hours and just 20 km later, I sat down at a leafy stretch...


In Beijing, a new coffee place is almost always all about the fit out - then the coffee. Occasionally they get both right.

by John Buck

Beijing — I have been living in the People’s Republic for a while now and when I want to sit down and write, I have two options. Train to my rented co-work space as the only foreigner and make do with slow inte...

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by Nicole Zhu

Beijing — By now, I know the safety video By heart and have a standing date with a TSA officer. I kiss my sweet American wifi good-bye. It’s time To fly back to the Great Firewall of China To usher in the ...

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