Dreams, Society, racism

➜ ŤĦƐ ṀȪƝṨŤƎṞ The monster is always another one.

by Didier LAHELY

Bordeaux — ➜ ŤĦƐ ṀȪƝṨŤƎṞ The monster is always another one*. The monster is always a stranger. The monster is Weird. The monster always come where you live. Near you. In YOUR town, in YOUR Country. The monster ...

Colors., Black, graphic design


by Didier LAHELY

Bordeaux — I always wondered when the Black (my favorite color) stops to be black to become Grey..? That is one of my existentialism question I can’t answer for now.

articles, BKL5, Journalism

Les Prods BKL5 à Bruxelles

by Elise Henry

Bordeaux — BRUXELLES KULTUR LAB 5 E-magazine 100% culture, mai 2014 Retrouvez toutes nos autres prods sur notre PAGE FACEBOOK, sur PINTEREST et sur YOUTUBE ACTUS Balade interactive dans le quartier europ...

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