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Hung-Over Malaise

Words to live by

by Orrin M.

Frankfurt — It was a hung-over morning and I was walking to the station with a heavy heart, and for some reason the gusto with which this graffiti was written seemed strangely life-affirming. Look, they even underlined it.

Frankfurt, the ideal metropolis?

by Peter Nacken

Frankfurt — Only 20 minutes out of this center of the Frankfurt-Rhein-Main area and you find yourself in fields or forests, and only some planes in the distance are a reminder that one of the busiest airports of ...


Holidays in Germany

by Peter Nacken

Frankfurt — Always nice to spend the festive days in a country with actual seasons, preferably winter. And short days and strange sun / cloud combos in the sky. Things start on the 24th, Xmas eve, when shops clo...

What is career, anyway?

by Dhoughal Walker

Frankfurt — Isn’t that odd? — Since more than six years, I work at this palace of glass. Every damned single day from mondays to fridays. And since the first day, I ask myself, where the point of making a career ...

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