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Terrorism, City Life, Safety

In 15 minutes, things can change.

by Ragini Menon

Chennai — In 15 minutes, things can change. Two bombs went off in the Central railway station yesterday morning, fifteen minutes apart. I didn’t know about it until the afternoon because I hadn’t watched the news. My parents, surprisingly, made no mention of it either. They were planning to go to the mall as it was a holiday (since it was May Day). After they left, I checked the Times website and it was fu...

University, Memory, Train

"..there's a train going somewhere you once were.."

by Sairam Krishnan

Chennai — Friday evening at office. Unhurried conversation, weekend plans, the smell of coffee from the pantry. I’m a blue shirt under neon lights. It’s a slow day. I open Facebook, and a few inane scrolls l...


Today, I finally got around to watching 'Her', and to use a cliché, it made me feel emotions I haven't felt in a while.

by Ragini Menon

Chennai — A film that really makes us think and feel is one that lingers on inside us. Her is one of them. There is a line said by Samantha, the OS that resonated with me. It was something to effect of how we a...

Weather, summer, Future

Indian Summer.

by Ragini Menon

Chennai — My finals are over and I’m done with college. It’s going to be a long, hot summer. Typically, Indian summers start in April and end by July. But here in Chennai, they last till September and sometimes...

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