Stories in Dwarka

religion, reporting, Holy Places

Faith Travels

by Binu Alex

Dwarka — This is Dwarka, one of the must visit for Hindus. But this place is also as badly kept as other religious/holy places. When we say holy, it means pure or divine. Divinity is reflected in cleanliness. ...

religion, history, reporting

Clean Religious Places

by Binu Alex

Dwarka — I always wonder why we still dont have clean religious places, especially the Hindu temples? Is it so tricky that we are just not capable of doing it or is there any financial constraints? Actually bo...

Energy, reporting

Wind Power

by Binu Alex

Dwarka — A lot of wind farms around this place but I still don’t understand why alternate energy sources have not yet taken off in India. Is there a lobby working against it or is it a real fact that producing...

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