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A place called Chiusi

by Steve Dearden

Venice — The first time I came to Venice was in the eighties when I was travelling on my own a lot. I love travelling on my own, but if you are doing it for any length of time there always comes a point, usually two or three weeks in, usually just after you been given another pokey room with a tiny bed and a view of a wall above the kitchen extractor fan, that you are overcome with intense lonely home sick...


Here's the adventure you're looking for.

by Christine Herrin

Venice — I’m getting seasick. …and I’m not even on the boat yet. I can’t find my cousins at the airport, so I’m guessing it means bye bye Christine, find your way to the hotel! Since I travel alone most of...

Travel, Like the Locals Do

Lazy Afternoon in Venice (Italy)

by Viktor Elizarov

Venice — When I came back from my last trip to Italy I had fair amount of photographs stored on my hard drive. I spent almost 2 weeks exploring northern parts of the country, including Trieste and Venice. I m...

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Burano, Italy

by Red Tango

Venice — Burano is a day trip by boat from Venice…the island clearly has a “theme” to color coordinate the buildings and even hang laundry out that compliments the colors. There are fresh flowers everywhere,...

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