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japan, Morning, sunrise

Found myself awake at 5am without having slept, so I greeted the sun.

by Tim Lindenschmidt

Chigasaki — Because it’s the Golden Week holiday, I’ve had about ten days off work. (Boss was overseas for business, so no work could happen.) When I’m on holiday though, my sleep schedule shifts. I find myself waking up at noon or later, and not going to bed until 3 or 4 in the morning. This particular day, it was suddenly 4:30am, and I wasn’t really sleepy at all. Tried to decide whether to go to bed becau...

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japan, Dreams, disappointment

I dreamt I was a dancer and it was the happiest I've ever been.

by Tim Lindenschmidt

Chigasaki — Somehow or other (dream logic — it doesn’t translate to the real world) I had ended up as an 8th member of AAA. I was good. The singing, the dancing, I was good. I was part of the group and it was am...

Weather, sky, Clouds

The clouds were lovely this afternoon.

by Tim Lindenschmidt

Chigasaki — One of my students was late, and so I looked outside to see if I could see him coming. I noticed that, off to the east, there was a huge wall of white fluffy clouds. As I watched, I could actually see...

Drinks, chocolate, convini food

A chocolate bar in drink form.

by Tim Lindenschmidt

Chigasaki — First of all, sorry for potato. I’m a fan of chocolate. I’m a fan of drinks. I’m a fan of one snack item flavoured like a snack item from a different category. Stew-flavoured potato chips… I can’t ...

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