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Notes on Living Outside Cultural Norms. A Chance Meeting.

by James Gibson

Sakyo ward — In every walk with Nature one receives far more than he seeks. 1 I find that a mountain top is perhaps the most suited location for meeting interesting people. Take today for example, arriving at...

Epic Trip 2013

In which I inadvertently made a new friend.

by Mona Nomura

Sakyo ward — As I was checking out of the inn, the okami-san (owner’s wife) came to my room and gave me her contact information. She said, if there is anything you need, do please contact me. Any time. There is a...

Epic Trip 2013

Enamored by Kyoto.

by Mona Nomura

Sakyo ward — 「はい、カウンター2名。」 「お喜びで。」 Sushi chef: “Two, seated at the counter.” Hostess: “It’s absolutely my pleasure.” Japanese is particular. There are four types of speech — two, are honorifics: 敬語 keigo (extre...

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