Stories in Darkhan

Winter, Snow

Too cold to stay out tonight for the NYE festivities at the Children's Theatre in Darkhan, but we popped by to let Terra take a peek in her sled.

by Michelle Borok

Darkhan — Darkhan’s main events happen in the plaza outside the Children’s Theatre. Every year there are ice sculptures and a giant tree up for New Year’s. Last year’s ice sculptures were a bit more impressive,...

Mongolian food truck. It feeds mourners during the course of a funeral and the rituals surrounding loss.

by Michelle Borok

Darkhan — When someone passes, it’s tradition to hold a funeral right away. Mourners convene at the home of the deceased’s family and offer support, and eat after the burial. It’s several days of family coming ...

Trick bike that 12 boys from the Shonhoodoi Circus School can fit on.

by Michelle Borok

Darkhan — The Shonhoodoi Circus School gives children in Darkhan who have been orphaned or who are left with very little, a chance to learn the circus arts. A woman and her husband run the school and teach the ...

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