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One with the steppe.

by Sam Wolinski

Ulaanbaatar — After months of being teased by the tent master with invitations to set up Waldo the circus tent (while I was stuck in the desert), I finally got the chance at an end of summer party thrown by a friendly group of Australians. It was worth the wait.

Summer in Mongolia means going to the countryside as often as possible. Better yet, send the kids and keep them out of trouble.

by Michelle Borok

Ulaanbaatar — There are lots of kids in the family, and they all grow up spending time in the countryside. When they’re little, they just get to explore. As they grow older, they’re responsible for watching the lit...

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Mongolia is one of the most challenging countries for any road trip. It didn't disappoint this time.

by Bert van Dijk

Ulaanbaatar — We met up with Haldi, our new Mongolian friend over the weekend. He was on the road with us for two days arranging a new air-conditioning for the car. This included a stop at the ‘Car Doctor’, where w...

The Playtime Mongolian Live Music Festival 2013. Russian band STORM playing to a happily headbanging crowd. http://www.giantrobot.com/news/playtime-festival-2013/

by Michelle Borok

Ulaanbaatar — Wrote quite a bit about the festival in the link above, but if I had to say more, I’d talk about how exciting it’s going to be to see where Mongolian bands go in the future. All these outside influenc...

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