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photography, Street

What happened?

by Steve Dearden

Amsterdam — Obviously I know, but what fascinates me is how this human dance could be a response to almost any event - good or bad - the camera phones, the monopods and selfie sticks, press photographing the press. And about how watching the event through our device screens we miss things like the boats lying across the water, or the two people in the middle, maybe individuals, maybe friends caught up in the...

blues, Moods

It'll be all right

by Sanna Karlsson

Amsterdam — I was in Amsterdam last spring, suitably suffering from some Amsterdam blues (unexplainable melancholic mindset completely unrelated to illegal substances, mind you.) when we walked into a narrow pub ...

photography, Bike, Cycling

Shooting cyclists

by Steve Dearden

Amsterdam — Amongst all the photos of things you take when you are away I like to have a project, and for this one I sit in a chair with a long lens to catch the people riding bikes across the canal from the flat...

Love, Life

The meaning of attention

by Kiza Magendane

Amsterdam — Once you realise that life has a meaning, you will also discover that it makes sense when you stand in collaboration with others. In the connected world whrere people unfortunately find themselves in...

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