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There’s nothing like walking the streets of a big city.

by Gonçalo Morais

Null — I wonder if it’s the tall buildings, the long streets, the hundreds of strangers that walk next to you, or the never-ending atmosphere of novelty. Or maybe it’s some kind of residual energy people & events leave behind (if you’re into that sort of things). Whatever it is, it’s almost palpable, and it’s something that keeps drawing me to big cities, like London or New York. It’s definitely str...

Reve, japan, Centre commercial piscine

Rêve de centre commercial-piscine

by Nisan Gogo

Null — Rêve. Je suis au japon. Dans un immense centre commercial-piscine tout en carrelage blanc. Il y a des palmiers. Il y a des zones shopping et des zones aquatiques avec des pans inclinés transparents (d...

Art, Street Art, Creative process

Is it enough? Is it good? Is it okay?

by Samia Singh

Null — So you think you have something - an idea - something to start. you think you have a timeline - you think you know when its going to finish and be ready. Hahaha, always starts the same way. So ready s...

relationships, poem, poetry

The universe conspiredIn quite a remarkable way.

by Lester X

Null — The universe conspired In quite a remarkable way Karma comes but Once in a while But in three. I am leaving you San Francisco And I am taking my heart with me.

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