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Travel itineraries and how I don't have to be you

by Connie Tsang

Lima — When I come home from any trip, what I hold close to my heart — more than the memories of sites and having checked items off a bucket list — are the people and random experiences that go with them. ...

Travel, home, peru

Homesick at the top of the mountain

by Connie Tsang

Lima — A friend and I took the bus up to Cerro San Cristobal this evening to see the city lit up at night. And for 5S, the traveller recommendations are right: it is quite a deal and quite a sight. It amazes...

viaje, Travel, south america

Lima y ahora Sur!

by Valerio Franchi

Lima — 3 giorni in Lima, girando tra i quartieri Miraflores, Barranco, Centro, San Isidro, Lince y Mirac. Assaporando la cucina peruviana, la gente, i combis, il metropolitano, citta che sta crescendo, accom...

Travel, inspiration, peru

On beach-bumming and teaching an old dog new tricks

by Connie Tsang

Lima — I was propped up on my elbows at the base of the Miraflores cliffs, beach-bumming and occasionally snickering at badly burned tourists while they hobbled behind their tanned surfing teachers, dragging...

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