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Love, Resolutions

#1: Learn to receive love.

by Aaron Palabyab

Makati — My meditation this morning was about how to receive love. Hungover and unable to focus after New Year’s celebrations, I wasn’t too impressed by the thought: Who doesn’t want love? But then I remembered just last night that I felt, despite everything, the most melancholy and alone I’d ever felt on the last day of the year. Fireworks in the sky, shadows inside. It didn’t make any sense. There’s so...


Adorable Japanese dads

by Christine Herrin

Makati — Gotta love weddings. Last night’s was one of my favorite ones in a while, and I started mentally taking notes in case I ever have to plan my own. Jazz band? Check. No cheesy singles games? Check. (an...

pets, cats

And so our lives have been changed

by Claudine Rodriguez

Makati — I don’t think I’ve ever legitimately owned a pet in my life. I had Mark the Goldfish when I was in third grade, but he never stayed for long. We put him in one of those expensive glass pitchers becau...

City Life, Thoughts

2pm on a weekday. I'm over this. No more complaining. I'll use that energy to plan my escape.

by Aaron Palabyab

Makati — And this was yesterday. Today - wonder of wonders! - it is actually worse. From the window of my flat, I can see that the long artery connecting the Central Business District to the rest of the city h...

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