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Alone, not lonely (but thanks, I guess?)

by Christine Herrin

Quezon city — Wait—no one else got a smiley in their cappuccino?

cars, traffic, Commutes

Concert in the car!

by Christine Herrin

Quezon city — Stuck in traffic. Again. (When are you not stuck in traffic when you drive in Manila, anyway?) I know these roads so well, but I never know what to expect each time I drive by. Speeding (!) buses. ...

Death, Thoughts, Life

In The Geography of Bliss, someone says that one should contemplate death five minutes a day to be happy.

by Aaron Palabyab

Quezon city — And now, the death of a dear relative has brought the idea of death closer to home than ever before. During my first ever meditation last year, a voice whispered in my ear, “Don’t worry too much abou...

Books, old things

What to do when the front cover of an old paperback rips off? Use it as a bookmark, of course!

by Aaron Palabyab

Quezon city — Looking for decent bedtime reading (Donna Tartt’s The Secret History, while a great novel, was decidedly not the best choice for that purpose), I found this thing amongst the old paperbacks on my book...

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