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On cities that were made for friendship

by Dani Z

Barcelona — I went back to Barcelona. I was there for almost all of October, which is just enough time to get over jet lag, readjust, fall back into your old life and then say good bye all over again. I spent my first week back in a state of enchantment and despair. The city sparkled. I marveled at the beautiful streets and happy faces. I basked in the lingering afterglow of summer as it faded, almost imperc...

A Modern Document..

by Cassie Marketos

Barcelona — The moment just before a “Hi” is born.


Involuntary almost vegan.

by Dani Z

Barcelona — Vegans kind of have super powers. Somewhat predictably they have lower rates of obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Rather incredibly they are less likely to get cancer and if they get cancer are more...

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A sugary aftermath

by Dani Z

Barcelona — “The feathers are from the naked man. They cover him in honey and feathers and then they take him around town, in a box that he jumps in and out of, like a jack in the box, spreading feathers everywhe...

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