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Sevilla, Orange, street photography

plaza Refinadores

by Philippe Castelneau

Seville — In Sevilla, last June, we had to pay attention whenever we walked under the orange trees, because fruits were falling off at any time. I wanted to take a picture of this one which fell on the street next to the gutter, when a lady crossed the street. Thanks to her, my photography of the plaza Refinadores is a small and modest tribute to the famous Willy Ronis picture of the place Vendôme in Paris...

Travel, Life, Art

The Secret To Life.

by Emily Chen

Seville — In Seville, I found the secret to life. Life in Seville is lived in a beautifully slow pace. People savor their afternoons on the sunlit riverbank, Their four hour siestas, Their dinner with famil...

street photography, Travel, Sevilla

The art of Tapeo

by Philippe Castelneau

Seville — Two traditions illustrate the softness of the Sevillian lifestyle : la siesta, because it’s too hot in the early afternoon to do something else (some have dubbed la siesta the Spanish yoga ) and tapeo...

Travel, Spain

Searching for shade.

by Jordan Clarke

Seville — The character and colour of Seville was immediately evident as soon as we arrived. Our fourth Spanish city in the last 12 days, the capital of Andalusia has its own distinct aesthetic. The fingerprint...

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